Recycled Rubber

American Recycling Center is proud to recycle millions of pounds of industrial scrap rubber, blending many suppliers together. Our recycled rubber is great for recreational surfaces such as playgrounds, sports tracks, landscaping, and more.

Our ProductRecycled Rubber Granules

At American Recycling Center, we produce recycled rubber granules made from the finest quality raw materials. Our raw materials are sourced from industrial manufacturers, ensuring its free of wire, fiber, plastic, wood, and any other unwanted contaminants. Our top-quality chunk rubber granules are meticulously produced using industrial scrap rubber such as EPDM, SBR hoses, and other high grade polymers.

Premium Rubber Granules .5
Premium .5
Premium Rubber Granules 1300
Premium 1300
Premium Rubber Granules 1350
Premium 1350
Premium Rubber Granules 3600
Premium 3600
Track Rubber Buffings
Track Buffings
4/20 Rubber Buffings
4/20 Buffings
4/8 Rubber Buffings
4/8 Buffings
+4 Rubber Buffings
+4 Buffings

Our ProductRecycled Rubber Buffings

Our recycled rubber buffings are produced by grinding the outer layer of truck tire tread prior to retreading. Rubber buffings are commonly used for playgrounds, running tracks, molding goods, and landscape surfaces.

About Our Product

At American Recycling Center, we understand that every project has unique requirements, which is why we provide multiple size solutions. 

Rubber Granules Sizes
  • Premium .5
  • Premium 1300
  • Premium 1350
  • Premium 1500
  • Premium 3600
  • 5/8 Rubber
Rubber Buffings Sizes
  • Track Buffings
  • 4/20 Buffings
  • 4/8 Buffings
  • +4 Buffings

Recycled Rubber Material

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