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Rubber Recycling

Since 1993, we have been processing millions of pounds annually of industrial scrap rubber from a variety of suppliers. Our mission is to provide a superior level of customer service and a cost-effective alternative to landfills. Through our production process, the material is refined, blended, and recycled.

pile of industrial scrap rubber

What We Accept

At American Recycling Center, we accept scrap rubber from manufacturing process as well as off-spec parts, discontinued parts and over stocked inventory.

We follow a strict confidentiality policy and can provide certificates of destruction if desired. We accept the following:

  • Most forms of packaging, including boxed, baled or bulk
  • Rubber that is free from metal, fiber, and wood.  We look for a durometer between 40-90 (Shore A)
  • Material thickness of 3mm+ is preferred

How Rubber Recycling Works

recycled rubber inside of american recycling center

What We Do With It

We recycle millions of pounds of industrial scrap rubber every year, blending many suppliers together to create a premium mix.  Rubber recycling is an environmentally-friendly alternative to a landfill.

aerial view of playground using rubber granules for surfacing

How Customers Use It

Our customers range across many markets including playgrounds, recreational sports surfaces, landscaping, equine footing, and much more. The possibilities are endless and they all contribute to lessening our landfill impact. 

black rubber granules

Getting Started

American Recycling is continuously looking for innovative ideas and new uses for recycled rubber. See if your product qualifies for rubber recycling and start reducing your carbon footprint by filling out the form below.

Recycling Partner Inquiry

Have questions about our rubber recycling program? Let us know. We will reach out with answers.