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Rosehill TPV® is a brand name that stands for a unique 100% fully crosslinked and non-porous colored rubber granule. It's comprised of polypropylene-free virgin elastomer and is manufactured by Rosehill Polymers Ltd.


Why TPV Rubber?

Rosehill TPV Colored Rubber Granules use advanced chemistry to design the NEXT GENERATION of colored rubber granules. With the end user in mind, this proven alternative to current colored rubber options has quickly become the product of choice across the globe.

brighter for longer


Exposure to UV light causes colored rubber surfaces to fade and discolor. The unrivaled UV resistance of Rosehill TPV® sets it apart from other granules, ensuring surfaces retain their color for longer.  Its unique chemistry and high-quality raw materials ensure surfaces stay brighter and softer, even in the harshest conditions. 


Wide Range of Colors

Available in 21 vibrant colors, Rosehill TPV® offers both architects and installers endless possibilities for creative design when planning wet pour surfaces. Designers can create unique color combinations to meet any specification by combining two or more colored rubber granules. From lightening or darkening existing tones to producing brand new colors and dynamic patterns, the only limit is your imagination.

Soft & Flexible

Soft & Flexible

Weather conditions and UV degradation cause EPDM colored rubber granules to lose their elasticity, making them unable to expand and contract with temperature changes. Surfaces harden and become harsh to the touch, like gravel. With its unique formulation, Rosehill TPV® is globally recognized for its long-lasting elasticity, remaining soft to the touch, even after extremes of UV aging and sunlight.



Rosehill TPV® is a non-toxic, non-allergenic product and contains no harmful materials and uses only virgin rubber. It doesn’t leach pollutants into the environment and meets internationally recognized standards. This is especially important in applications where human contact is likely, such as playgrounds, sports surfaces, and walking paths.

Better adhesion, less cost

Better Adhesion

The quality of a rubber surface depends on the adhesion between the rubber granules and the PU binder. Due to its unique chemistry and high-quality coating, Rosehill TPV® has a higher tensile strength than EPDM, delivering long lasting adhesion in a wide range of environments. 

Portola Springs - No

More Cost-Effective

Rosehill TPV® granules offer a significant advantage over traditionally applied granules due to their non-porous nature, which has a direct impact on the amount of polyurethane (PU) binder required during installation. The reduced requirement for PU binder leads to a considerable cost-saving advantage for projects using Rosehill TPV® granules. 



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We inventory full stocking levels of the standard size TPV granules (1-4mm). In the custom size .5 mm granules, we only inventory the top four standard colors . The remaining non-standard colors will require a minimum of 40 bag order and may have lead times of up to 6 weeks from order. The colors printed here are for guidance only.


Get Creative with TPV Rubber

Colored rubber granules enhance the visual appeal of surfaces. They come in a wide range of colors, allowing for creative and customizable design options. In applications like playgrounds, landscaping, or decorative surfacing, the addition of color can create an attractive and visually engaging environment that can be more appealing to users.

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Designed for indoor and outdoor safety surface play areas, Rosehill TPV offers superior UV stability and is currently available in a wide range of colors.