May 25, 2022 Best Uses for Rubber Granules

Rubber granules can be used in many different ways. This article will walk you through all the ways rubber granules are used for rubber surfacing.

Without rubber granules, the rubber surfacing we see on the playground or in landscaping wouldn’t be the same. Rubber granules by themselves cannot be used as surfacing, but when they go through the right process, they can be made into all types of rubber flooring applications used for different recreational areas. This article will walk you through all the ways rubber granules are used for rubber surfacing.

What are Rubber Granules?

Rubber granules are granulated rubber pieces that are typically made from a rubber material that has been grounded into a fine texture. Sometimes rubber granules are made from repurposed rubber such as recycled tires or other types of scrap rubber materials. Oftentimes, the recycled rubber tires will go through a cleaning and grinding process that produces granulated rubber pieces for different types of safety surfacing. 

Sizes and Shapes of Rubber Granules

Depending on your project type, you can get rubber granules cut into different shapes and sizes. Particle sizes are often strictly controlled to provide a dependable quality product, but custom grinds to any granulate size are an option. At American Recycling Center, we offer commonly stocked safety surface rubber granules in the following sizes:

  • .5 - 2 MM
  • 1 - 3 MM
  • 1 - 3.5 MM
  • 1 - 4 MM
  • 1 - 5 MM
  • 3 - 6 MM

If you’re looking for a different shape or texture than granulated rubber or rubber pellets, some places offer rubber buffings — which are also known as “strand rubber.” Rubber buffings have a mulch-like appearance and can be cut into different sizes. At American Recycling, we have rubber buffings available in Track, Playground, and Plus Four Mulch sizes.

Colored Rubber Granules

Black rubber granules are not the only available color for granulated rubber pieces. Many distributors will offer colored rubber granules in varying cuts that can be used as rubber surfaces for areas that need to appear more vibrant. Colored rubber granules are a great choice for projects that need colorful playground flooring. 

Best Ways to Use Rubber Granules

Rubber granules can be used for a lot of different surfacing applications. Many of the rubber surfacing applications that you see in recreational spaces like playgrounds, parks, sports fields, and horse arenas will likely use granulated rubber to help create their safety surfacing. Continue reading to learn more about the best ways to use rubber granules.

Playground Flooring

Time spent on the playground is valuable for children of all ages as it addresses many of their social, developmental, and physical needs. That said, the playground should be a safe place for children to play and practice these skills. Playground flooring can help to keep children safe by protecting them from unexpected falls. 

Aside from choosing playground equipment, deciding on the right type of safety surfacing can be one of the most important parts of a new playground project. Rubber playground flooring is a popular choice for playground flooring. There are a few types of rubber flooring options that can be made using rubber granules. These options include the following:

  • Pour-in-Place: Pour-in-place rubber or “poured rubber” offers a seamless type of colorful flooring that can be used for a variety of different indoor or outdoor applications. Choosing pour-in-place rubber as a safety surface can allow for multiple different colors as well as patterns for your playground flooring due to the use of colored rubber granules.
  • Bonded Rubber: Bonded rubber can be poured on-site like pour-in-place rubber, but its appearance and material shape varies slightly. Bonded rubber uses shredded pieces of rubber as opposed to using granulated rubber pieces. It still has the same seamless surface as pour-in-place rubber. While some bonded rubber applications offer different colors, different patterns that are achieved using pour-in-place rubber are not possible. This is due to using the larger pieces of rubber in the mixture.
  • Rubber Mulch: Rubber material goes through a grinding process to create rubber buffings, which can be used as rubber mulch for playground surfacing or even landscaping. These pieces are often referred to as loose-fill safety surfacing, which can be found on many playgrounds.

As a trusted supplier of rubber products, American Recycling Center can provide rubber buffings, black granules, and color EPDM or TPV granules for any size pour-in-place playground installation. Our materials and chosen binders give the best results. We offer aromatic and aliphatic binders.

Our cushion buffings are cleaned and screened 4- to 8, 4- to 20 mesh. They are free of metal and fiber. We have a completely separate system to provide the best buffings available.


Having beautiful landscaping, whether it is at home or in a local park, can be a major mood enhancer. However, landscaping can be challenging and very time-consuming. For anyone looking to pull fewer weeds and keep those plants thriving, using rubber mulch as a ground cover could be the perfect one-time solution to your seasonal mulching needs. 

At American Recycling Center, we offer rubber mulch that is great for the environment and will not harm vegetation. Our rubber mulch creates the perfect insulation for your soil, allowing water and nutrients in, and keeping weeds out. 

Rubber mulch for landscaping won’t blow away in the wind or get washed out by the rain. It doesn’t decompose and it can help fight weed growth. 

Our recycled rubber mulch is an excellent choice for residential and commercial applications that are looking for a low-maintenance alternative to decorative stone, wood mulches, rock, and other types of ground covers.

Arena Footing

Having quality horse arena footing helps to prevent joint or stress-related injuries for horses. Some horse arenas will use rubber granules for horse arena footing material. This is actually the same type of material that many athletes use to train. The horse arena footing can be custom ground to fit individual needs. 

Find Rubber Granules at American Recycling Center

If you’re interested in rubber granules or buffings, contact us today. ARC is a trusted supplier of premium rubber granules. Our high-quality granulated rubber can be used for playground surfacing, arena footing, sports surfacing, and more.

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