Oct. 10, 2022 | Blog K9 Agility Surfacing ~American Recycling Center

Dog Agility Rubber Agility Rubber Surfacing

K9 Agility Athletes deserve the best performance surfacing available.   American Recycling Center listened to their needs and assisted in developing options that tackled their needs.   We recognized that K9 athletes truly deserve the same safety and control surfaces as other performance athletes.       

The dogs negotiate a specialty designed obstacle course, clearing a series of jumps, weaving their way around poles, darting through tunnels, hurdling through hoops, sprinting up and down ramps as quickly as possible and we are proud to say that under their paws you will find a system that is developed with Rosehill TPV Colored Rubber in it.    


Our “One Stop Shop” for surfacing materials has serviced the agility community for over a decade.



Written By: American Recycling Center