Feb. 21, 2023 | Blog Playground Surfacing Materials Available From American Recycling Center

Surfacing Material Available 2023

Every human, in fact all mammals, have within them a biological wiring to play. Play circuits, in our brains at birth, are activated by stimulating elements in our environment. When a ball, a puppy, or a fun friend activates our play circuits, we feel an urge to turn our attention to that stimulus and engage with it – toss the ball, pet the puppy, or joke with the friend. Each of us possesses a play nature that is a unique combination of play personality types; identify the personality types that are playful for you, and you will have less stress and more happiness in your life. The wiring of those circuits is unique to each of us and that contributes to our each having a unique mix of play personality characteristics. Public spaces can and should be designed with play in mind if we are to truly create a healthier, happier society.

Written By: American Recycling Center

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