Mar. 9, 2023 | Blog What to do if your shipment arrives damaged?

Shipment Damage American Recycling Center

American Recycling (ARC) has been a trusted supplier for premium surfacing materials since 1993. As a trusted "One Stop Supplier”, ARC has become a vendor of choice among the North America's top safety surface installers. We pride ourselves on quality, timeliness, and overall customer experience.

We are aware that things happen in transit and products can get damaged through no fault of ARC or you as the customer. At American Recycling Center we treat our customers how we would like to be treated and will work with you to solve any problem we come across. But in order for us to be able to make it right we need your help with information that only you as the customer can provide.

It is our policy that when material is received customers MUST take an inventory of the material to ensure it all arrived and in good condition.

Steps should be:

Do not let the driver leave until it is verified

  • However, you will need to work quickly or face detention charges
  • LTL’s have 15-20 minutes to unload
  • FTL’s have 2 hours to unload
  • Check that the material is in good condition
  • Check inventory is correct

If damaged:

  • note the material that is damaged on the BOL for the driver
  • take pictures of the damage and of the BOL with the notes of damage
  • send pictures to your CSR and let them know if you will need replacement material or a credit.


American Recycling Center, Inc.

Written By: American Recycling Center

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